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Bergquist Sil-PadŽ

When it comes to selecting the appropriate thermal interface material for an application, the numerous choices can make it a nearly unbearable task. The Berguist Company alone offers over 30 different Sil-Pad (R) materials for various types of applications. Given the numerous other sources of thermal products which do not use the same performance testing, comparing products can be very difficult.

Over the past several years ORION has worked with products from many different sources: Chomerics, Thermagon, Aavid, and others. We have developed a body of knowledge about these various materials and have learned to speak their language. We have enjoyed the success which comes from years of understanding the products of these companies. ORION is also a fabricating distributor for the Bergquist Company.

In general, Sil-Pad is a term used for Bergquist's silicone rubber-based thermally conductive insulators. Typical construction for these products is a silicone binding material, compounded with thermally conductive fillers, which is then coated on a carrier material. Depending on the compounding, Sil-Pad materials on a fiberglass carrier exhibit thermal conductivities from 0.9 W/m-K in Sil-Pad 400 to 3.5 W/m-K in the high performance Sil-Pad 2000. Sil-Pad 2000 is available in thicknesses from 0.010" to 0.060". In addition to a fiberglass carrier, Sil-Pad materials are also available coated onto polyimide film. These materials: Sil-Pad K-4, -K-6, and -K-10, use a high performance film which exhibits improved puncture resistance, as well as a higher breakdown voltage. These materials are available at 0.006" thick, with thermal conductivities ranging from 0.9 W/m-K for Sil-Pad K-4, to 1.3 W/m-K for Sil-Pad K-10.

If silicone contamination is a concern to your application (telecommunications or some aerospace applications), then there are additional options as well. Bergquist has a full line of Poly-Pads(R) which use a polyester-based material coated on either fiberglass or polyimide film.

As always, all of these materials are available as die cut parts, either as custom products or in standard configurations. Please contact your ORION sales representative for additional information on Sil-Pad interface materials, and for a list of standard configurations.

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