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Bergquist Q-PadŽ

Thermal greases are used to create effective thermal contact between multiple components which have been assembled together. While this has been an accepted practice, the disadvantages of these applications are many. As we all know, any type of grease is first and foremost a messy material. Also, if the product needs to go through subsequent solder or cleaning operations, grease contamination is a likely result.

Bergquist Company's Q-Pad II, and Q-Pad 3 are excellent alternatives to messy greases. At 0.006" thick, they are an optimal thickness for interface between transistors & heat sinks, heat sinks and chassis, or brackets and chassis. They are designed to move maximum heat through interfaces which do not require electrical insulation. Both boast a very high thermal conductivity of 2.5 W/m-K for Q-Pad II, 2.0 W/m-K for Q-pad 3. Q-Pad II, is a composite of 0.0015" aluminum foil, sandwiched between two layers of sil-pad rubber. Q-Pad 3 uses a fiberglass reinforcement for extra flexibility and improved physical integrity.

As always, all of these materials are available as die cut parts, either as custom products or in standard configurations. Please contact your ORION sales representative for additional information on Q-Pad interface materials, and for a list of standard configurations.

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