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Bergquist Gap-PadŽ

Although going to the beach is usually a good idea to beat the heat, electronic components find themselves in a different predicament. As processor speeds and board populations increase, chassis and fan sizes are on the decline. Many items which once had cooling fans, are now designed without. As a result, heat sink use is on the rise and for good reason. Use of heat sinks are an effective way to dissipate heat by increasing surface cooling areas.

However, problems may still arise when heat sinks are used on irregularly sized components. Gaps between them may allow excessive heat to accumulate This is where Bergquist's Gap Pad VO(tm) shines.

Gap Pad is a thermally conductive interface material, designed to fill the air gaps between hot devices and their heat spreaders. Gap pad is a highly conformable, low modulus polymer, which is available in a range of thicknesses from 0.020" to 0.160". Gap Pad is also available with or without adhesive. As always, Orion can provide Gap Pad in custom sizes or die cut shapes, to precisely fit your requirements. For additional information see our website, or contact our sales department.

Gap Pad provides an effective thermal interface between heat sinks and electronic devices where uneven surface topography, air gaps and rough surface textures are present. Gap Pad provides:

  • Elimination of air gaps to reduce thermal resistance
  • High conformability to reduce interfacial resisitance
  • Low-stress vibration dampening
  • Compatible with automated dispensing equipment

As always, all of these materials are available as die cut parts, either as custom products or in standard configurations. Please contact your ORION sales representative for additional information on Gap-Pad, and for a list of standard configurations.

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