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3M EMI Shielding Tapes

3M has recently announced the release of two new, lower cost electrically conductive pressure sensitive adhesives. In the past 3M offered only 1 product - 3M 9703. This product conducted electricity via silver particles in the adhesive, thus only conducting in the "Z" axis - directly through the thickness of the material. 3M has improved upon this with the release of 3M 9712, and 3M 9713. These new products conduct across the plane of the adhesive surface through the use of conductive fibers, in the "X" and "Y" planes. When compared to mechanical connectors such as screws, these tapes provide reduced assembly times and solid bond lines with no gaps from which EMI emissions can occur.

I3M XYZ -axis Electrically conductive tapes have increased performance and reliability from the following improved characteristics:

  • isotropic conductiveness (not conductance?)
  • low electrical resistance for increased shielding effectiveness
  • good initial tack as well as lasting adhesion
  • non-corrosive adhesive increases life of shield and allows attachment of dissimilar metals
  • easy to apply to increase assembly throughput.
  • eliminates gaps along device/shield interface to prevent emission leaks
  • good repositionability
  • easy and consistent liner release

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As with any of our materials it is best to consult with an ORION salesperson to determine the most appropriate material for your application.

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