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Custom Design -Electrical Insulators,Shielding Laminates,Gaskets,Thermal Transfer Materials,Die Cut Products

We specialize in the custom design & manufacture of electrical insulators, EMI/RFI shielding laminates and gaskets, thermal transfer materials & other die cut products.

Custom Design

By discussing the part and its application before a design is finalized, we produce the most cost-effective part. Over the years we have produced thousands of parts from many different materials. Parts should meet the criteria of form, fit and function in the final assembly. Designs should minimize cost through consideration of the materials and processes to be used in the fabrication and assembly of the part.

Orion's knowledgeable & skilled engineering staff with extensive experience in the custom design of electronic insulation, seals, and formed plastic can help you select the right material and design for your application.

Manufacturing Capabilities
Manufacturing Process