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Gap Pad® 3000S30 0.060"

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Manufacturer Part Number : GP3000S30-0.060-02-0816-NA
Standard option
8" x 16" sheet size
Natural tack, both sides
0.060" thick
Gap Pad 3000S30 material
Orion Part Number : U-RDSIL0-322
Quantity Available : 0 Sheet(s)
CategoryGap Pad 3000S30
FinishNatural tack, both sides
Size8" X 16"
Flame RatingV-0
Thermal Conductivity (W/m-K)3
Color : Blue
Data Sheet : Download

Gap Pad is a thermally conductive material that acts as a thermal interface between a heat sink and an electronic device. The comfortable nature of Gap Pad allows the pad to fill-in air gaps between PC boards and heat sinks or a metal chassis. Gap Pad is also available with or without adhesive.

Gap Pad 3000S30 is a soft gap filling material rated at a thermal conductivity of 3 W/m-k. The material offers exceptional thermal performance at low pressures due to an all-new 3 W/m-k filler package and low-modulus resin formulation. It is reinforced to enhance material handling, puncture, shear and tear resistance. Gap Pad 3000S30 maintains a conformable yet elastic nature that allows for excellent interfacing and wet-out characteristics, even to surfaces with high roughness and/or topography. Use Gap Pad 3000S30 for high performance, low-stress applications that typically use fixed standoff or clip mounting.

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